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* Please be aware that COVID-19 Safety Guidelines are subject to change

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for the Congress

According to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, fully vaccinated persons can participate in the Congress without a 7-day quarantine. Unvaccinated persons have to quarantine for 7 days upon entry in compliance with the country’s measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. Please refer to the details below.

Individuals are considered “fully vaccinated” if they have received the 2nd shot (one shot in the case of Janssen) more than 14 days but not more than 180 days ago, or those who have received a third dose/booster shot. (Third dose/booster shot: vaccination considered to take effect from the day of vaccination and is considered to have no expiration date of its effect.)

1. Before travelling

i) Visa application

Those who have completed the registration should contact their local Embassy of the Republic of Korea to check the required documents and to obtain the necessary visa for entry into the country. Kindly note that a letter supporting your visa application is one of the required documents for visa issuance. The Visa Letter can be obtained by logging into your KINGCA WEEK 2022 account and printing your Visa Letter from ‘My page’.

ii) K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) Application

K-ETA is for nationals of 66 visa waiver countries and nationals of 46 designated visa-free countries. K-ETA is required for foreign nationals who intend to enter the Republic of Korea for a tour, visit relatives, participate in events or meetings, or business (excluding profit-making activities). Please refer to the list of ‘K-ETA required countries’ on the website and apply for K-ETA at least 24 hours before boarding the flight for the Republic of Korea.

iii) PCR test

A PCR test has to be taken within 48 hours before departure. Please note that countries and airlines may have different testing requirements, so please make sure to obtain the required information beforehand. The fee for the PCR test has to be paid by the traveler. If the test is positive, the travel cannot take place.

iv) Registering in the Q-CODE (Quarantine Information Pre-entry System) system

Q-CODE is a system established by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) to shorten the time for quarantine inspection. All international travelers must enter the required information in the Q-CODE system to receive a QR-Code. The QR-Code must be issued before boarding your flight to the Republic of Korea. The system allows you to input and temporarily save your information from the time of purchasing a flight ticket and preparing for travel. It requires information about the entrant’s passport, flight ticket, proof of vaccination, and negative PCR test result. Please refer to the Q-CODE website for the preparation.

2. Entry to the Republic of Korea

At immigration in Incheon Airport please show the “Approval for Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA)” and the QR-Code issued beforehand.

3. After immigration – Before attending the Congress

Advance reservation of PCR test on arrival

All travelers entering the Republic of Korea must take a PCR test within 24 hours of arriving. The most convenient option is to take the test upon arrival in the airport. In this regard, the KINGCA WEEK Secretariat has contacted Incheon Airport PCR Testing Center in order to secure advance reservations and to ensure shorter waiting times for test results. As soon as the PCR test has been administered, participants may go directly to their accommodation and remain there until the results are issued.

The application form and the acceptance of the use of personal information form will be sent to participants by email. The forms should be saved, completed, and returned to within the application periods listed below. Please ensure that information is inputted carefully into the application form as incorrect information may mean it is not possible to make the reservation. Please also note that to qualify for this method of advance reservation, it will be necessary to accept the use of personal information, this will allow the KINGCA WEEK 2022 Secretariat to provide the participant with support in the case of a positive result. The advance reservation application form can also be downloaded here and the acceptance of the use of personal information form can be downloaded here.

The testing fee is KRW 80 000, USD 66–70 (subject to change due to the exchange rate) and payment will need to be made at the testing center in cash (KRW only) or by credit card and there is no penalty for not showing up on time for the PCR, due to flight delays.
If participants do not submit the application during the submission period or want to make a reservation individually, click here.

Participants that do not wish to accept the use of personal information, may go directly to the Incheon Airport PCR Testing Center upon arrival and register there (please note that this can take time and advance reservation is advisable). PCR testing is available at Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center every day, during the hours 07:00–20:30.

4. COVID-19 safety measures before and while attending the Congress

i) The KINGCA WEEK 2022 Security Team may ask for the PCR test results at the registration desk in the Congress venue, so please bring them with you, for example, the certificate, text message, email etc.

ii) For the safety of participants, the KINGCA WEEK 2022 Secretariat will provide rapid antigen self-administration test kits to participants in accordance with the duration of their stay. Participants must conduct a test each morning before attending the Congress.

iii) If the result is positive, participants are not to leave their accommodation and contact the KINGCA WEEK 2022 Secretariat ( /+82 070-4234-9515). The Secretariat will take the appropriate measures as mentioned above.

iv) social distancing will be practiced throughout the Congress and hand sanitizers will be available. Participants are to sanitize their hands frequently and take their temperature. Thermometers will be placed at all entrances of the Congress venue

5. Preparations for departure

i) Before departing the Republic of Korea after the Congress, another PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure is required. A facility for the PCR test will be provided in a separate area near the Congress venue. The cost of the test must be covered by the participants. In the case of supported participants under the financial support scheme, the cost of the test upon entry to and departure from the Republic of Korea will be covered by the Republic of Korea. All airlines and countries have different requirements for entry, so please make sure you are prepared for your respective flight.

ii) PCR test results will be available the next day. If you need an English version of negative PCR result, please notify us in advance.